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  • Community Events

    Harvard Art Museums Tour (Friday, July 31, 1:30 - 3:30 P.M.)

    Practice English And Meet New People In Boston

    The Harvard University art museums have recently reopened to the public following an extensive renovation. It holds one of the largest art collections in Boston. Its galleries include masterpieces drawn from Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the...

    Minute Man and Rt 225 at Intermediate Pace

    Boston Area Cycling

    Meet on the Minute Man Commuter Bike Path, next to the parking lot, just past the intersection of Mystic Street in Arlington at 5:30pm promptly.  We are going to be cycling the minuteman bike path and route 225.  We'll take a quick break at...

    Friday afternoon run

    Belmont & Fresh Pond Running 45+ Meetup

    New time! New venue--we'll run along the bike path in Arlington! Why? Because I've been traveling for work and such and haven't had the time to meet-up at our regular weekend times, this weekend included, so I want to get something in, and why...