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  • Community Events

    Lectio Divina Meditation (Sacred Reading)
    9-3-15 3:00 pm
    Lectio Divina "Sacred Reading" Scripture Meditation

    Join us again this Thursday morning before you head out to work for a guided meditation of Scripture in the Jesuit tradition of Lectio Divina (Sacred Reading). All faiths (or non-faiths) are welcome! Alice will be facilitating. What is Lectio?...

    Thursday Lunchtime Soccer (OUTDOOR)
    9-3-15 3:00 pm
    Lunchtime Soccer Boston

    NUTSHELL - every week day, 12:15ish until 1:45ish, Cumnock Turf Fields at Harvard Stadium, games of 4v4 up to 10v10 or larger depending on who shows, bring a white shirt and a dark/colored shirt (but not a gray one), almost never canceled,...

    Jewish Outdoor Escape 2015 - Pocono:Parks, Paddles & Peaks
    9-3-15 3:00 pm
    Mosaic Jewish Outdoor Club of Massachusetts

    (this is not a Mosaic Jewish Outdoor Club of Massachusetts event) It’s Summer Camp for Grown-ups      September 3rd – 7th, 2015Held in Poconos of PennsylvaniaWith a Pre-Trip in Philadelphia andA Post-Trip down the DelawareCome take your...