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    Big Beer Night: 8 Stone Brews- Smoke Vanilla Porter, Belgian Strong Ale + more!
    12-22-14 8:00 pm - Skylight Studio Room
    The Craft Beer Crew

    Join us for a night of awesome beer, great food & good company with Stone Brewing Company at Sunset Grill & Tap on December 22nd at 7 pm.  • Savor [masked] Vertical Epic Ale, a 9% Belgian Strong Dark Ale. This beer will transport you to a...

    Open Awareness Meditation Group Meetup
    12-22-14 8:00 pm - Skylight Studio Room
    Open Awareness Meditation Group

    (Please note: many of the friends who attend regularly are not Meetup members, so there are always more people attending that it says on the Meetup site.) About This Meditation Meetup We sit in silence for around 45 minutes, followed by...

    TurnON Watertown!
    12-22-14 8:00 pm - Skylight Studio Room
    TurnON Boston

    TurnON: [turn{on}] verb (something that happens in the body) Increased body heat Tingling and chills Flushing cheeks Feeling of being awake and alive We believe TurnON is the ignition that leads to a more of what we really want in life. It is the...