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  • Community Events

    Tuesday night climb @ CRG
    3-31-15 7:30 pm - Humanist Hub
    Boston Rock Climbers 40+

    Come on out and start training for the outdoor climbing season! Welcome to all, especially lurkers. :-)

    3-31-15 7:30 pm - Humanist Hub
    Brighton Bible Discussion!

    It's the last day of March. Everyone knows that the best way to celebrate that is with Trivia! All you need to bring is yourself and all the random snippets of facts that you possess!  We'd love to see any and everybody who's interested

    Mantra Meditation
    3-31-15 7:30 pm - Humanist Hub
    Cambridge Secular Buddhists

    Please note that we will start at 7:30pm, 1/2 hour later than usual, due to a previous event at the Hub. Join us for a mantra meditation, which is repeating a word or phrase in sync with one's inhalations and exhalations. Suggested mantras...