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  • Community Events

    "International Meatless Day"
    11-25-15 2:00 pm - Hodgkins Park
    Boston Vegetarian Meetup

    "International Meatless Day"Worldwide, since 1986 The "International Meatless Day" is celebrated every year on November 25, the birthday of Sadhu Vaswani. This annual worldwide event doubles as an 'Animal Rights Day' in India.

    Wednesday Lunchtime Soccer (OUTDOOR)
    11-25-15 2:00 pm - Hodgkins Park
    Lunchtime Soccer Boston

    NUTSHELL - every week day, 12:15ish until 1:45ish, Cumnock Turf Fields at Harvard Stadium, games of 4v4 up to 10v10 or larger depending on who shows, bring a white shirt and a dark/colored shirt (but not a gray one), almost never canceled,...

    8-10 RSVPs REQUIRED - Pickup Game (Wednesday Afternoon) at HODGKINS PARK
    11-25-15 2:00 pm - Hodgkins Park
    Davis Square Ultimate Pickup Frisbee

    Please RSVP for this game so we know we have enough people. We'll confirm by 3pm or earlier that the game is on. 2:00-2:15 pm - Warm up & practice, we'll work on some throws, passes & catches. 2:15 pm - Game starts. General guidelines: Dress...