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Somerville MA

Somerville, MA

Welcome to Somerville, MA

Directly north of Boston and Cambridge, the city of Somerville is located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Home to over 81,000 residents, Somerville is the most-densely populated municipality in all of New England. With such a vibrant, diverse population, it is even more impressive that Somerville has been touted as the "best run city in Massachusetts" by Boston Globe. Somerville is also highly regarded for its academics; the bustling city is home to Tufts University, which sits on the border of Somerville and Medford. Though its history extends as far back as its earliest settlement in 1649, Somerville may be best known for its role in the Revolutionary War. Throughout the city, several monuments and landmarks can be seen commemorating the place where the American Revolution began. If you're looking to live in a tight-knit community that embraces its heritage and never runs out of things to do, Somerville, MA is the perfect choice. 

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Somerville MA Demographics

Population: 81,045

Median Income: $50,239

Homeownership Rate: 34%

Somerville MA Housing Stats

Median Sales Price: $970,000

Number of Homes Sold: 82

Number of Days on the Market: 14


What to do in Somerville, MA 

Somerville MA Restaurants

Somerville MA Shopping

With easy access to all that is going on in Boston, residents of Somerville can also enjoy some of the finest shopping in all of New England right in their backyard. If you want to live somewhere with retail therapy close by, look no further than Somerville, MA.

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