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What is the most critical attribute of a Buyer Broker? Your broker needs to be focused on your needs and your criteria for buying a new home. Your broker should adapt and change to your needs during the buying process, and help you develop a strategic plan for selecting and securing your new home. 


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Personalized Strategy

Strategy is the most important part of the offer process. As your Buyer Broker I understand the market, have an analytical approach, and I am able to thoroughly interweave all of the knowledge of the current inventory with the particular home you are considering. The best offer (the winning offer) is not just about price - the terms (dates, deposits, contingencies) of the offer are also critical, and can be the integral reason for a seller choosing one offer over all others.

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Guiding You Through The Process

What aspects of an offer are important besides price? Your lender, your down payment, your timing, and your contingencies. What is the best combination of these elements that will put your offer into the winning category? As your Buyer Broker I will guide you and advise you on the best way to prepare an offer that will come out in front of the others. I know what you need - and can help you put together an offer that will be successful. 

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Negotiation Advice

The target price range is not always obvious. It takes a seasoned broker to advise you on this. Some listings are overpriced, some are priced correctly, and some are underpriced, to give buyers that extra push to bid against one another. How do you know the true market value of what you are considering? I have have intimate knowledge of the market, and can give you a range in which to consider bidding.

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With You Every Step of The Way

As your Buyer Broker, I am your transaction manager, and I am with you every step of the way - from showing you properties, creating a comparative market analysis for every home you might consider, to writing a carefully crafted offer that will be accepted above others. I help you with inspections, contingency deadlines, re-negotiation, and finding the right lender with the best pricing. If you are a cash buyer, there are specific strategies to consider that are intimately tied to getting your offer accepted above others. I am your exclusive representative, and I help you manage and successfully navigate any issue (no matter how big or how small) that may arise - from the start of the buying process all the way through to the closing.


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