As a seasoned broker with fifteen years' experience and over $150,000,000 in sold properties, I have managed successful transactions for sellers of all different types of properties, in many communities around the Boston area. We at Hammond know from our multi-faceted marketing strategies, and our experience with both the hot selling market of today and the mortgage conditions in this market, that timing and effective marketing are everything in the sales process. Proper exposure of the property in today’s marketplace will create a push for a home, and will increase demand, which increases the ultimate selling price.

My goal is to work closely with sellers to listen to their goals, listen to their immediate and long-term housing needs, and outline and manage the selling process from the beginning - all the way through to closing.

I focus on internet advertising, such as featured listings on websites like and,, and a host of many other large real estate websites that carry information about the property, and how to contact the representative agent. We feature all of our listing videos on, to guarantee the maximum exposure online. Our listings are professionally photographed, enhanced, and videos and beauty sheets for showings are all created by a full-time admin staff dedicated to marketing our listings.

This process sells your house faster, and prepares the buyer well in advance for what they can expect of the home's features - the moment they walk through the door to view the property. A huge online presence with your home will bring the highest number of buyers to the table, and will secure more offers on your home.

Hammond's renowned marketing strategy also includes comprehensive print marketing, and that marketing is professionally prepared and mailed to over 3 million homes in the Greater Boston area. Our Mega Magazine and Fine Properties magazines also appear online, and are immediately accessible the moment they go to press. For each of our listings, we send out glossy property specific brochures, and additionally, "Just Listed" cards. However our printed advertising is just a small facet of our complete advertising strategy. We focus primarily on internet advertising, as the majority of buyers and sellers are using the internet to find real estate.

Well-informed buyers will ultimately be serious, earnest, and pre-approved for your home. I am a skilled negotiator, and pride myself in my ability to represent my clients' best interests in the selling process. The process can be complicated, and there are many details involved in selling a home - not only just in finding the right buyer, but also in negotiating the highest price, managing home inspections and contractors, and managing additional purchase contracts and final inspections. I recognize every detail of my clients' situation, and develop a unique strategy, tailored to their needs, as their needs grow and change throughout the process.