Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

"If you are looking for a wonderful real estate agent, stop looking - you found her! I cannot say enough about Brenda's professionalism, responsiveness and great advice. She was tremendously helpful in all aspects of this experience, from getting the property ready for sale through closing. Our  property sold very quickly (within days) at a great price and I had multiple choices of good buyers. Brenda gave very sage advice as to how to navigate them all. Plus, she is just so nice that's she's always a pleasure to work with!! In short, she converted a potentially very difficult time into a seemless, painless experience. I highly recommend her."

"Brenda has been a joy and pleasure to work with from beginning to end. She turned a difficult situation into an easy one. Her immediate response to any situation proved her excellent professional skills.Thank-you Brenda for ALL that you did. We highly recommend Brenda if you need a real estate agent!!"

"I had the pleasure of working with Brenda for the sale of my condo in Brookline. At the time of the sale I was not living in Massachusetts, Brenda helped with many of the details that I was not able to deal with because of the distance. The sale was fast and smooth. She did a great job and I  would highly recommend Brenda to help you sell or buy a condo or house in the Boston area."

"Brenda always conducts business in an extremely professional manner. I have had three different real estate transactions with Brenda. She was my Realtor in selling my two-family home in 2015. She gave us great advice about how to prepare the home so it showed its best assets and she was spot-on with respect to the asking price. The open house was widely advertised and hugely attended. I then rented a "transition" home through Brenda and she negotiated with the owner to allow me to be a tenant at will. This was helpful as I just purchased a new home, with Brenda as my Realtor. She knows all the right questions to ask and her guidance during the whole process was invaluable, making an extremely stressful process less so."

"Buying a home for the first time is not simple but for the very first time we met Brenda, we understood that she had the expertise and the resources to guide us through this first acquisition. Brenda is available virtually anytime. We can not recall a time where we had to wait for replies or  feedback. Her knowledge of the market made us very confident about buying the property at the right price. But most impressive is her ability understand our needs and walk us through the entire process from visits to closing. Brenda is a pleasure to work with. We would definitely recommend Brenda."

“Brenda was a pleasure to work with. She has her hand on the pulse of the market in Newton, she is a great advocate for her clients, she works 24/7 for her clients, and she is always available via phone, text, or email throughout the selling process. Brenda made the selling process very easy for us, and helped us maximize our home value.”

"I cannot recommend Brenda enough.

Firstly, she was pretty much the key reason we were able to make a winning offer. Not only did she understand all the nuances of the offer strategy (downpayment, time commitment, contingencies, etc.) but she also had a good instinct about the target price range. This is crucial and was missing in a few other brokers I worked with. Brenda demonstrated a good sense of the home value and communicated it with her rationale while at the same time never being pushy. For me this was a critical asset of Brenda and is only possible in a complex neighborhood like Newton if the broker has real local expertise - which Brenda did.

Once the offer process was over, Brenda was with us every step of the way and was patient with (my million) questions. She was extremely professional, e.g., she would come to meetings with a summary of the last 10 emails I sent her to discuss everything item by item!!!!

After the home closed I had another 10 questions!! I was not sure if Brenda would be as responsive - but her professionalism was still quite there even after the closing date.

Brenda brings a touch of personal care and concern that is genuine and its hard to miss. Overall, she had everything I wanted from a real estate broker, local knowledge, commercial knowledge, process understanding, honesty, responsiveness and a genuine care and empathy that is hard to find.

Thanks Brenda!"

“The highest compliment I could give Brenda would be to recommend her to a friend who really needs the skills and abilities that Brenda has and this is exactly what I did. I would also highly recommend her to anyone who is selling their home. I'm sure that Brenda has not had many sellers as nervous and insecure as I was and I can only say that she has enough great reserves of patience that she kept me from having daily meltdowns throughout the entire process. Brenda also had the resources and knowledge to wade through the ridiculous amount of red tape that Newton throws a seller up against and to reduce them to manageable proportions. She knows the markets; she understands the buyers and she's unflappable. Brava, Brenda!"

"Brenda recently assisted me in buying my current home as well as selling my first home (which she had assisted me in buying seven and half years ago). All three transactions went smoothly. The sale of my first home and purchase of my current home closed on the same day and at each step of the way Brenda kept the process moving forward by making sure that all parties had completed the necessary steps on time. It is because of this that come closing day everything went very smoothly and we were able to move into our new home that we love. I would highly recommend Brenda to anyone seeking a real estate broker in the Boston area."

"Brenda van der Merwe is the Real Estate Agent you have been looking for! It is our pleasure to write this review on her behalf.

We have been working with Brenda for more than 6 years now. Brenda helped us purchase our first home and now we are in the process of working together again in the search for another one.

During all these years, Brenda have developed even more skills, knowledge and professionalism in her area of expertise. We are always impressed with her quick responses and updates about neighborhoods and properties. Brenda is a great advocate for her customers and works in their best interest. If you are first time home buyer she would walk you through the whole process of loan approval to closing on your dream home. We highly recommend Brenda to anyone there who is looking for a Real Estate Professional!"

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